FAQs - Indian Walnut SA - All Natural


1Is weight loss guaranteed when I use the Indian walnuts?
Our product has a 99% Success rate and it is very effective.
2Can I use the Indian Walnut if I am allergic to nuts?
Unfortunately not.
3Can I use the I/walnuts if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
NO you cannot.
4After how long will I receive my order after making payment?
It takes a day to process an order and to dispatch it. All orders will be delivered within 2-3 days after purchase.
5Can I Get a refund after purchasing?
Unfortunately not. We only exchange/ Replace products that are defective.
6Can I use the Magic Oil and Body Scrub if I'm allergic to olive oil?
Unfortunately not. Both products contain olive oil.
7Is there a money back guarantee?
Unfortunately not. We do not offer a money back guarantee.
8Can I use the nuts if I have sugar diabetes, high blood pressure or any other chronic illness?
You would have to consult with your GP before taking the nuts.
9Can I drink alcohol while taking the nuts?
Unfortunately not.
10Will I get my order after paying?
Most definitely. Delivery is guaranteed.